INSPIRIT/B2uty/V.I.P./KissMe/A+ Blackjack/Kamilia/Say A :D Also I listen to BlesstheFall / Asking Alexandria/Alesana:) :D Love Vampire diaries, The secret circle,TEEN WOLF!, Once upon a time :D

Inspirits problems:when choosing boyfriend, below comes into Inspirit’s mind...

He doesn't have eyes like Sunggyu's.
He doesn't laugh like Dongwoo.
He is not Greasy as Woohyun.
He is not a great dancer and rapper like Hoya.
He is not Funny as Sungyeol.
He is not Handsome as Myungsoo.
He is not Cute as Sungjong.
Conclusion:Infinite is a life ruiner.
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